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    My first 650 had the HALRadio hardware fault and reset itself several times a day. But the replacement, which arrived three days ago, has been flawless. So I can now raise my hand as someone who is having zero problems.
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    My 650 isn't perfect, but it's far and away the best smartphone I've had, and now that I'm past the "shakedown" period (where I'm unsure if problems are bugs or pilot error), I am having few, if any problems. I'd buy it again.
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    I'm having no problems at all with my Sprint Treo 650.
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    98% good here. Snappermail once and a while resets my Treo650 when I try to send an e-mail from the DRAFTS folder.

    Other then that no other problems to report.

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    As a PDA I've had not issues with the T650 in the last 2 weeks that I've had it. I came from many Sony CLIE units and this machine is marvelous in comparison. I've put tons of apps on it that I used to have on my TH55. Of course I verified that it was ok on the Treo by checking these forums. Very helpful. Had to update a few to the latest versions such as Agendus. No problems so far. I haven't switched over to GSM yet, so still haven't been able to see how well the phone performs. Tried it with friend's SIM and also at a T-mobile store and was able to make and receive calls on it. I don't forsee any problems. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks when my Verizon contract is up.
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    Had absolutely zero problems, until I started adding 3rd party software; nothing a soft reset hasn't solved though...
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    I was getting resets using the phone application, web browser or versamail about 1 to 2 times a day (with a few 3rd party software installed). Then I turned off "Enable Network Time" (as mentioned in all the "Date Bug" posts) and have gone over 40 hours without a reset.

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    I love my 650. No resets here.

    The only thingsI really want to see fixed are the s-l-o-w phone application and the memory issues.
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    I have had the treo 650 one week without any resets or other issues. I have loaded my third party software w/o issue. So far so good. I went through three Treo 600's. The last one was almost a year old, but I drop it one too many times and the screen developed a yellow spot defect.
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    Mine has only reset itself once. Otherwise, the only resets were the required ones after certain installs.
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    Bye Bye thread.

    Mine used to be really stable until this evening while using Blazer. Endless reset loop. Restore from BBuddy. Endless resets. Restore to version before installing Voice Dial. OK so far.

    It'll never be the same again. I'll always be expecting a reset ant any moment from now on ...
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    Before Hacked Rom: Little to no serious probems
    After Hacked Rom / $200 in free software: Multiple resets, however still stable.

    I also went from the 600 to the 650 (a few days after it's release). I had no issues to speak of (no sound issues, no resets. etc) Versamail was not that great, but that's no surprise. I was very happy w/ the 650.

    Recently (when the free software was avilable) I purchased
    -BackupBuddy Professional
    -Chaura Pocletmirror XT
    -Z Launcher
    -andsomething else (i forget)
    Then added a custom Rom from Shadowmite's site. With Varichat on the card, that was too much for the little guy and the resets began.

    But that was due to 3rd party software. After some tweaking I'm back to business and the phone is very stable. I'm still quite happy.

    There have been mutiple threads on this, and poles. I'm happy to see all the lurkers come out and say so many positive things about the phone.
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    #53's too expensive.

    Seriously though...that's my only problem. The memory is a little narrow, and it did reset once when I did something I shouldn'ta, but otherwise, it has been golden. Bluetooth functionality is not what I would have hoped with my Motorola HS820, but I am able to make use of it.

    All-in-all, I really like it...the only question is, should I settle for my old bluetooth PDA (Dell Axim X30) and a Motorola V551 for a LOT less money, or upgrade to convergence Nirvana for a hefty $800 CAD.

    Strugging with the choice...however, problem free so far.
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    Been great for me...... Last reset was on Feb 25th due to flaky MMplayer
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    I just return my week old unlocked 650 and am expecting a replacement tomorrow; The touchscreen would require multiple (6-10) taps to open a link and the call volume/earpiece was barely audible even at max volume. The memory, on the other hand, is a whole other issue.
    Let me throw this out there; I use a few apps that must remain in the RAm because they sync to a desktop condit/app. SmartList to Go and PocketRealestate take up about 3megs on my 600 but the 650 its more like 6 and growing. My concern is that I will soon run out of room for apps like this, not to mention my growing contact base. I completely understand the memory card option- hopefully some of the software companies will make patches that allow syncing thru the card and desktop. Is anyone else experiencing a similar situation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
    The touchscreen would require multiple (6-10) taps to open a link
    Was this in Blazer? There is a setting to fix that. Its in a thread here, but basically you just in preferences on the options menu, select General tab and select Scrolls Page in the "Tap and Drag" pulldown.
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    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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    Had it for about a week and its been working just fine. No resets or other problems. Snappermail, Mapopolis NavCard, Blazer all work great.
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    No complants here, wish it had wifi though.
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    I love when these old threads get dusted off! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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