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    I am new to the Treo/Palm OS and excited about trying all the neat applications I can add to my Treo 650. Hopefully someone can answer my questions on Datebk5. I have not heard one bad thing about Datebk5 on these forums and think it is one of those "must have" add-ons for my Treo 650. Is this true? What are some of the key functions you utilize on Datebk5 that make it worthwhile to you and different from using the standard Palm Calendar? Also, how does Datebk sync? Will it be able to sync with Outlook, Entourage, etc..? Or, does it only sync with the Palm Desktop? Thanks for ANY feedback you could give me on Datebk5.
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    The second question is easiest to answer: Datebk5 uses the standard Calendar database, so any app that syncs with the built in calendar app will sync with Datebk5.

    The number of things Datebk5 does that the calendar app doesn't fills a book. Literally. There's a manual of a couple of hundred pages availabe for download from the Pimlico site. There's also a Yahoo group dedicated to the program ( Everybody uses a different set of features, I suspect. Key things I find indispensible:

    Alarm handling: dramatically more flexible than the built-in.
    Floating events: sort of a cross between a calendar entry and a to-do.
    More display options: I like the 3 days per page view, which gives me a quick look at what's coming up.
    Split screen: Calendar entries on top, todo's on the bottom (or the reverse). Or show the phone list or memos in split screen.
    Greater integration between contacts, todos and the calendar: put a link to a contact directly into the calendar, for example.

    And I just barely touch the power of the app.

    But figure it out for yourself. First, do some searches here. There are several threads that list the features and capabilities of Datebk5. Second, the free trial is good for 30 days. Download it and try it.

    If you have a 650, make sure you get the latest preview release, p7. The current production release has a few problems with the 650. Also, download the manual and read it before you start using the program. Otherwise your 30 days will be up before you figure out even a 1/3 of what Datebk5 can do.
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    I'll second everything meyerweb said and add a couple of thoughts. Whether it's a "must-have" depends on, among other things, how important date management is for you.

    One feature I like is the ability to combine different categories. I have a number of categories (business, personal, holidays, vacation, birthdays, bills, etc.) and depending on my needs, I may want to view the categories together or separately or in various combinations. For example; during the work day I'll usually display my business category but sometimes I'll need to see my work and personal events together to avoid scheduling conflicts. DateBk5 allows this and you can do it on-the-fly. With the built-in program you can view All events or individual categories but you cannot combine specific categories into one view. That's a big plus for me.

    Also, the ability to link an appointment to a task, memo, contact or another appointment is convenient if you need to tie a number of items together.

    Try the demo and look through the manual. If you need to manipulate a lot of different calendar-type items, DateBk5 is really good.

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