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    ok, I'm not with my first nor my second 650. with my third?

    the issues of the returned phones were many: freeze-, reset- and hardware-related. even though my only 3rd party apps I used were agendus std and graffiti, which I assume to be relatively stable with the 650.

    but: in the screen of one phone a big dirt/dust-particle formed a bubble. don't know how it ever made it past QC.

    another issue was a defect Side button and a loose connection of the Hotsync-cable, which interrupted hotsync.

    palmOne's support I must say is top notch. staff are very helpful. feel sorry for them. such a nice product. such an insufficient QC.

    over to you: lucky with the first handheld?
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    On my first.

    Great quality.

    But did have problems with Agendus AND with graffiti AND with Bug Me

    Working great with Snapper
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    I used one, and it was enough to send me screaming for another OS. Nah, I was planning on going to PPC OS, anyway.
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    On my first. Great quality.
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    On my second only because my screen was broken. Before that it worked fine. The only resets that I ever had were due to apps that were not stable. And this one runs fine. Speaking of PPC's, Tony have you ever looked at this iPaq?
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    On my first, but the second is on its way. Called the Palm Store today and told them about the consistent HALRadioAcDc crashes, and they dispatched a replacment unit on advance exchange. Apart from that problem, I've been very happy with it; hopefully the replacement will make it perfect.
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    Where's the poll?

    I am using my second, but have had 3. I changed them out for the sound quality issue, and gave up when I found out that they all have it. The 3rd one I had also had a bad pixel, so I asked for the 2nd one back.

    I have the sound quality patch, and I still have the issue!!! This sucks, we need a good patch fast.
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    On my second. Waiting for patches before deciding to go for #3.
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    'ello there (^_^). On my first 650, so far so good though proably jinxed myself now .....*Knocks on wood*. I think another good factor to account for is WHEN did you get your phones, the first batch might be bad but the newer ones would be good. Mine I just got about 2 weeks ago. What problems were there on the phone?
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    I'm waiting for my third Treo 650, GSM unlocked. The first had a misprint on the "4" key. The second has headphone static with a wired headset (using either a PalmOne headset adapter or with the supplied headset.)

    I have my fingers crossed about my third Treo 650, which is supposed to arrive today. I got the feeling when talking with PalmOne that they're not happy with sending out a third Treo 650 (I can't blame them.) But then again, neither am I.
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    On my 2nd. The first one had a dead pixel right smack in the middle of the screen.

    Overall, it's a great device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    ok, I'm not with my first nor my second 650. with my third?

    the issues of the returned phones were many: freeze-, reset- and hardware-related. even though my only 3rd party apps I used were agendus std and graffiti, which I assume to be relatively stable with the 650.
    I'm on my first, and very satisfied with it.

    I'm curious, why do you "assume" agendus and graffiti are relatively stable, and how do you define "relatively?" Neither app was specifically released for the 650, I don't think, and the 650 was designed for keyboard use, not graffitti. Many apps designed for other PalmOS devices have had trouble with the new NVFS memory system on the 650. I'd assume any app not specifically updated for the 650 to be unstable until proven otherwise.
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    One 650, which replaced my one 600, which took a swan dive into the toilet one day. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Only one because it works great and I have not broken it .
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    Still on my first and original, ordered the day Sprint started selling them.

    But,.... my headphone jack is starting to act up and I may be needing to replace it soon.
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    On my first - there seems little point in exchanging it cos of resets - they all do it! I'll wait for the patches.
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    On my third. First one had bad headphone jack but other than that worked great. Second one had bad 'P' key and eventually bad right shift key (this was a refurb unit that had not been inspected...I got it one Sunday, got home and discovered the bad 'P' key, was back at Sprint the next Sunday to get it replaced, and back the third Sunday to pick up the replacement for the replacement). Third one seems to be fine. And I just love spending my Sunday afternoons at the Sprint store!!!!
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    On my 2nd. All the buttons & the keypad stopped working on the first one (bought in Dec '04). Hoping I won't have to go for my 3rd...
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    on my second with new 64k sim card

    had issues with VERY loud ringer volume even when set to lowest setting, random resets, and vmail # corruption

    my second still has the ridiculously loud volume and I think the new sim card took care of my other issues so my first one was probably ok too.
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