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    1st one: box was opened but the items werent...unit was defective
    2nd one: box sealed and the unit is uber l33t
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    ok, I'm not with my first nor my second 650. with my third?

    the issues of the returned phones were many: freeze-, reset- and hardware-related. even though my only 3rd party apps I used were agendus std and graffiti, which I assume to be relatively stable with the 650.

    but: in the screen of one phone a big dirt/dust-particle formed a bubble. don't know how it ever made it past QC.

    another issue was a defect Side button and a loose connection of the Hotsync-cable, which interrupted hotsync.

    palmOne's support I must say is top notch. staff are very helpful. feel sorry for them. such a nice product. such an insufficient QC.

    over to you: lucky with the first handheld?

    One and one only, no problems, run many games, 2day, 4cast, 4stocks, etc...

    Versa mail has been solid, very good battery life etc... The list goes on...
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    Still on my first that I got right before Christmas. I've had numerous problems but all because of third party apps. Uninstall/Cleanup has been essential to my peace of mind and functional device.

    I am extremely happy to be a satisfied Treo owner!

    Oh yeah, it got dropped unprotected onto pavement during Mardi Gras.....a small crack on the plastic next to the screen and a few scratches. I consider those to be my phone's "Tough Guy Scars."
    I've heard that polar bear steaks are tough, but maybe if you marinated them in beer they'd turn out all right.
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    I am on my first and LOVE it. Best phone / PDA i have ever used.
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    on my 4th. 1st 3 had broken p keys.
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    First~froze and never came back on.
    Second~resets and voicemail issues (before discovery of the corrupted sim cards)
    Third~perfect, many 3rd party apps loaded and using it constantly!
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    Waiting for my third (unlocked). First two had low volume/hissing problems. Unusable
    while using it outdoors. If this one is bad, I probably start a new 30 day period with a Cingular version. Unless the IPAQ Mobile Messenger comes out first??
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    On my first. Bought it in December 2004 at the Sprint store. Initial Versa Mail problem but works flawlessly now. Installed Butler, ZLauncher, Splash ID, and popped in 1G Sandisk for pics and video Besides the speakerphone volume issue, my 650 performs exceptionally well. Even having great success with Docs to Go. I am very happy.
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    are you paying $25 for "advanced exchange" each time you return it? That is, if outside of the the original 30 day window...
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    On my first, but can't wait to seee if I can exchange it for a new one down the road.

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    on my third.

    first one refused to allow me to hear or be heard during a call (worked fine with bluetooth).

    Second was resetting at least five times a day (with the line 441 error)

    Third is awesome man!!!
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    first one for me and love , i dont agree with the first one being bad i think its all what you have on them and probably the day of the week they were made lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    One 650, which replaced my one 600, which took a swan dive into the toilet one day.
    I lost a 300 this way.
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    2nd Treo 650, unlocked, Cingular service.

    And #2 is going back & I'm getting my money back, no more frustration. Both of mine either freeze up or crash & reset constantly. I've did a hard reset on the 2nd, do not sync or otherwise install anything, as soon as I insert the SIM it crashes with in 10 minutes (I have the Axalto SIM).

    And these crashes are before even setting up Worst-a-mail or access the data network w/ Blazer.

    I love the features of the phone, but can't be left w/ a phone that I can't even receive calls on w/o it crashing.
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    First - Palmone Unlocked Treo 650.

    I've have no more problems with it than I had with my T3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    I lost a 300 this way.
    I dunno if your was on or not, but mine was. Nothing like seeing your Treo looking up at you from the bottom of the toilet, the life slowly fading from it's screen...a sad moment it was. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    About to be on my second.
    My current one's headphone jack is acting up.
    Took it into the Sprint store and was told it was the headphones - I got the feeling that they didn't even listen to it. Anyway, I knew it wasn't, but gave them the benefit of the doubt. Heading back there today with a handful of headphones to prove my point.
    BTW, I've tried all these headphones with 2 adaptors as well, so it's definitely the jack.
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