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    ihave been usuing butler for a few months and all of a sudden im having this problem. when someone leaves a voice mail it triggers the fast flashing lcd but no orange solid lcd and screen goes off and keyboard stays on .

    has anyone hand this issue or just can offer any help?
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    This may sound very silly, but what do you have it set to do (via Butler Prefs)? This could very well be a setting that somehow was altered during an interupted HotSync or new program install, or conflict with the system Prefs....

    Reminds me of the trouble mapping the shortcut buttons when 2 or 3 different program Prefs are conflicting (I had this issue with Agendus, PalmCommander, and system Prefs, and I'd very often get "random" results every week or so.
    I've been toying with Butler for the last two weeks, and I have found it to "run into" the system's settings on occasion. So far I've been able to clear the conflicts by clearing settings in the System.
    If that doesn't solve it for you, I'm interested to know, since I haven't paid for Butler yet... Waiting to confirm that it's A-OK...

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    Could it be that the fast green light is an indication of a missed call? I know that this happens to me also, but after I check that I've missed the call it then turns to the orange light indicating a voice mail. Could this be the situation on your phone?
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    no ,it use to work that way now it shuts off screen and leaves the key pad on?
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    i will try to reload butler again, im not sure if this means anything it started doing this after i downloaded hi-launcher?
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    are you saying that butler leaves the keyboard light on? If so, it's very bad manners - and not in the training.

    Try deleting (not with z-launcher) and re-installing.
    If you haven't changed butler in this time though, it is most likely some other app...
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    i will try that
    which version do you recommend that i install?
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    use the latest non-beta- available here:
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    ok i loaded back in the beta version and it did it again plus i dont get a solid orange light anymore?
    i will put the other version you suggested and try

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