It's me again, the newbie... I thought of a few other questions. Please do bear in mind that I have had some experience with Windows Mobile 2003 as well as a little with Palm 5. However I still have a few questions in terms of what can be done with Palm... I'm still thinking about getting a Treo 650...

1. Does Palm have a registry similar to Windows Mobile? Can it be hacked? If so, can anyone point me to some tweaks? (For example, I've read that it's possible to adjust certain functions regarding the camera on the PPC 6601. Anyone know of any such hacks for that?)

2. Does anyone know of any other programs or ways to do internet radio streaming other than Pocket Tunes?

3. Has anyone tried Eudora for Palm OS? If so, what were their experiences?

4. How does Blazer 4.0 stack up to Pocket IE? Are there other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, etc) that are availible?

5. Is it possible to download any file from the internet to SD card? (Even if the file doesn't run on Palm OS?)

6. How does one install their own MIDI ringtones? Do I just drop them into a certain folder? Are they required to be in the system memory?

7. I'm looking at going through Sprint for the Treo 650, however I'm currently with Tmobile... Is there a speed difference (in terms of browsing) with these two companies. Who has the faster network?

Ill probably have more questions later. Thanks in advance.