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    I recently acquired a Piel Frama case for my Treo from palmOne. I specifically wanted a vertical flip case with a magnet closure and frama was the only one that fit the bill (figuratively speaking, of course) according to my research.

    Now that I've used it for a few days I am almost at the point of returning it.
    The biggest problem is the gadget "creeping" out of it's skin so that it quite hard to use the top buttons. Another one is when flip is closed the keyboard buttons are easily pressed and if the keyguard is not on when there might be some unwanted consequences. Also the fit is not very tight and it's quite easy to push the device half way out of the case.

    Can any frama owners please share their experiences? Are you bothered by any of this at all or do I have a defective one? Thanks.
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    My piel frama case is the same. It's a loose fit. Real easy to push it up and out. I have not yet complained, it's not that big of an annoyance for me.

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    I had that problem too with the Piel Frama case I had. My Treo acually slipped out once and fell on the asphalt, luckily it only had a few minor scratches and everything still works. I put some double sided sticky tape on the inside to hold the phone in place, that seemed to work.
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    Same: It's a loose case. I also have to slide my Treo up to be able to access the buttons to use the camera. I've been hunting for the perfect Treo case since the Treo 180. Meanwhile, the Piel Frama's problems are relatively minor, at least for me.
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    Have you looked at the Sena magnetic flip case. Several threads on it in this forum and I have not had any problems with it.

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