Gave my old Palm Vx away so the 650 meant buying another license for BackUpBuddyPro which I took in the bundle w/ BackUp VFS Pro. Problem is BUBP is not backinbg up my programs any more cause it says I am unregistered. I went back to the e-mail from BlueNomad, made sure I had loaded the registration file but still no go.

One thing I noticed is that the instructions say to add the pdb file but they actually sent me a tiny prc file as my "registration file". Reloaded it several times to no avail. No issue with user name as it matches the e-mail they sent me.

E-mails to Blue Nomad have goine unanswered since last week. Another day or two of being ignored and I guess I will have to call Amex and ask them to pull the payment. But if I just ain't seein somethin "stoopid", I'll place my tail between my legs and fix it. Any ideas ?