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    I have searched the forums but I can not come up with an answer.

    What is the best way to transfer files via bluetooth to and from a Mac 17" Powerbook and Treo 650?

    When I set the Powerbook up to recognize the 650 via bluetooth, the Powerbook tells me that there are "no supported services on your mobile phone".

    What do I need?
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    I got that message when I first got my treo as well, and If I remember correctly, ignored it. Have you just tried using Bluetooth file Exchange and sending a file to the treo? Or perhaps trying to pair from the treo to the Powerbook to hook up as a trusted device? I send files to and from my treo to my ibook all the time.

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    whoooooooo haaaaaa!!! Worked perfectly. Thanks.
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    Is there a way to send files as easily from the treo to the mac?
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    Depending what app your in, you can usually choose "send" from the file menu. For instance, if you have an appointment in your calendar application, just make sure the cursor is in the appointment, and then choose "send appointment" from the file menu. A list of programs will pop up. In my case, it's bluetooth, snappermail, or versamail. I choose "bluetooth". Then a second window comes up with my bluetooth devices, and I click on the one to send it to, and voila!, there it goes! The send option is also available in memo, docs to go, as well as other apps, and most importantly, Filez.
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    Thanks you! And you can send a whole album in the photo app :-).

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