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    The camera on the 650 is quite good, and the limited resolution is just right for video, but even at the larger frame size the included app produces mediocre video at best. I think that many people would pay for software that would allow the user to tweak the compression of both video and audio. With high speed 1 Gb memory cards running around $90 I would happily accept 10Mb/minute capture rates if I could see a real improvement in the video/audio. Is anyone out there working on this?
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    I am seriously considering writing an app for stills photographs, the built in app sets too high a compression ratio, I can't find anywhere in the options where I can adjust the quality, and QSet does not have any effect on the T650.
    If I get the photo app working, I might expand it to do better video as well.
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    That would be great!!! Is there a way to use the Video app and record it straight to the SD card bypassing the internal memory? I would not hesitate in donating to this fund.
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    Have you gotten far enough to know what modifiable parameters exist within the video software? I am not a developer, but would love to know if such improvements are even possible. I would also be gald to support research into this.

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