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    Anyone gotten it to work? I am currently using LJP-Beta-0.8 but it says "Out of Memory" anytime I try and play.

    Any advice would be nice.
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    use a program called UMDH (clears up ram by using your SD as a harddisk), and maybe...maybe it will load, i got donkey kong country 3 to load, and thats a pretty high end game, but...i had to strip down my 650 to do it, i had about 18 MB of free internal space, closed out and removed launchers, pocket tunes, mmplayer, not worth it to me, ill wait for a better version....just stickin with my NESes for now
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    For like Realplayer and programs to work, they have to be on the internal space? Or can they be on a memory card?
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    Where can I find that UMDH program?
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    realplayer cannot be moved to external memory, but load as many apps as you can on external, also, i cant find the website to get UMDH, it seems to be down...i have the program if you would like me to send it to you
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Shadow
    Where can I find that UMDH program?

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