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    I just received my 650 today and hotsynced all my data. After trying to use Softick card export, however, I can no longer hotsync; I get an error message on the 650 telling me that the port is in use by another application. This occured after trying to use card export. Any ideas?
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    Try a soft reset (take out the battery for a second or two). Report back.
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    I'm having the same problem. WinXP. Have done several hotsyncs today installing programs. All times connected fine. Last install was audio books for Audible. Now it won't hotsync. Have done several resets but no sucess. Any ideas?? Installed ZLauncher about 2 hotsyncs back. Thanks, geekgranny
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    I just restarted computer, Big DUHHHH, gg, as someone suggested in another discussion, and it cleared up my problem.

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