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    My treo 650 has started to reset with every text message recieved or sent. The system error log (#*377) reads:

    A reset was caused on....while running "Messaging":

    MessageStoreOpenItem:item open already

    Any suggestions on how to fix this? Is my only option a hard reset?

    My Messages Inbox is also now blank even though I several conversations in progress via text messages.

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    Ok...I have tried a hard reset but my text messages file appears to be corrupted. On the start up screen it says that I have 4 new messages but there are none in my inbox. It does show all my sent messages in the outbox. When I recieve or try to send a sms my treo resets.

    Anyone know which file the sms messages are are stored in that I can delete?
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    The answer you seek is located in this thread.

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