Hey everyone, i just want to say thanks for the great community, really learned alot about this great device before I bought. Anyways, I was wondering if there is anything in teh settings for the phone app that lets you see the numbers you dialed when you're in a call. For example, when checking my corporate vm, i have to enter in my code and pin...i like to check on screen if i'm typing it in correctly, but right now it doesn't show. Is this an option, or just not implemented on the Treo? Also, is there anyway to sort the contacts so M(obile) comes up first? Or if you can dial the "default" number for a contact if you just scroll to their name and hit the "send" key directly on the name (so i don't have to scroll down to the correct number and then hit "Send")?

I had to exchange my first unit b/c i had an issue where the phone would just keep turning off by itself, but the second unit is working great! Thanks for the help everyone!