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    I got my new unlocked GSM Treo. Cingular will not sell me a SIM card. T-Mobile will. Verizon, Alltel, and Sprint are not GSM (right?). Is T-Mobile my only option for activating this?
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    why wont cingular sell u one?

    ATT is gsm.
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    Cingular probably won't see you just a blank SIM card. Sign up for service, take the best free phone they have. Put the SIM in the Treo and sell the free phone on eBay. You'll make some money on the deal to offset the cost of the Treo.

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    Cingular will not sell you a SIM card?!?! thats weird

    hey kattanm go to and go to the BST section (GSM one of course), im sure if you have WTB:Cingular SIM Card you will get many people messaging you, if you want tell them also hofo_mofo sent you over LOL

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