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    Recently, I was showing a friend of mine my new printer, which could scan images to SD. So I used the card I had in my treo 650 to test it. Well, it read and read and read... and nothing. Later that day, I started up windows on my laptop with my SD card in the usb card reader. Immediately, XP decided to do a scan of the card and found all sorts of errors. It auto "corrected" these errors and found all sorts of missing allocated chunks and invalid file pointer, etc, etc.

    Come to find out my entire PALM/Programs/ folder gone! This folder had all my ZLauncher shortcuts and now none of them work b/c the physical apps and their physical databases are gone!

    Also, if I go into Memopad and create a new memo, it automatically resets my treo. How is this even related?!

    I have no idea what was the cause(s) and what was the effect(s), but here I am left with no more ideas except to hard reset and start over. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.
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    Ooooh, Yuck!
    Back Up Your Data! I think that's the only solution...
    I always try to do this before "experimenting" with swapping the SD card to a new device. It's been successful to the TabletPC (built in slot-very handy) and the DigiCam, but I'm hesitant to try it out on my printer slots... for this exact reason.

    For the future, I'd recommend having a small SD laying around that you use just to copy a quick file & print it. I know it sounds like a hassle, but I use 4 SDs for different devices, and it's not bad. One 512mb for T650 FullUse, One 256mb for Doc Transfer to non-Bluetooth PCs, 1 256mb to hand off photos to friends or coworkers, and 1 old 64mb backup disk that's not worth much with the meager on-board memory on the 650.

    Thank God they're small & cheap ;-)
    Best of luck.

    PS~ What used to be on my Treo? (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist... I've been there many times!)
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