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    Does anyone know of a good remote control util that'll work on the Treo 650? You know, one that would allow you to "drive" the Treo from a Windows desktop?

    Thanks, Noel
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    pdareach from junefabrics- same company that made pdanet
    unfortunately i believe it requires a hotsync type connection through usb, i dont know if it works over bt or other wireless means
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    Thanks much...I'll try it out. Looks like just what I was looking for...
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    Does not work over BT.

    Works great otherwise - kind of pricey for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimRohde
    Does not work over BT.

    Works great otherwise - kind of pricey for me...

    Tapsmart Handshare works via BT fyi!!!

    HandShare supports any of the following networks to establish a connection between the Palm handheld and the Remote Control component: Wireless (GPRS or 1xRTT), Wi-Fi (including adhoc), Bluetooth, dial-up modem, and USB.
    Another similar product is called mDesk from motionapps, but only works via usb:
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    I use Handshare regularly, great program.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    handshare gives me problems with my 640x480 resolution (carPC) since the skins are way too big.

    it also cuts the audio when connected, so i cant use my Voice Dial!!

    Theres two much lag via BT from the phone to the PC also, takes a few seconds for the PC's screen to update, but PC->650 works fine.

    Any suggestions for those using it sucessfully?

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