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    Has anyone used RemotePlus for Palm OS 1.3?? Any opinions? Speed? Is it like Win-Hand Anywhere? How do I know if my computer supports Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) (i have XP professional)??

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    Will try it tonight...
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    This is an old thread, but I thought I would chime in. This program doesn't seem to work very well on a GPRS network. Unfortunately I purchased the program without being able to fully test it (our IT people took more than a month to set up remote desktop off of exchange).
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    Wow, how strange. I was just experimenting--unsuccessfully--with this application TODAY. (I read this thread earlier and it was "stale"...

    Anyway, it refuses to connect to a verifiably accessible server, and I have submitted a support request to them. Will update with new info if/when they respond.
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    It's a shame because it seems like it would be a great program if it worked as it should. I'm guessing it works well over WiFi, but that doesn't help me. I'm able to get access, it just drops off basically freezing up. I sent something yesterday but have yet to hear anything back.

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