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    Just in case there is anyone with Zlauncher who did not know...

    Quick launch will do the same thing as Switch5 or McPhling.
    I must be an *****...

    I was using McPhling and never even realized that I had the capability with Zlauncher.

    Just FYI
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    just curious, do you have the Quicklaunch configured to a button? I can't seem to find a assign a button that works for me without interfering with other features I need. I know with the 600 you can assign a long center button press to launch QL but this is not possible with the 650. Anyway, just wanted to hear how you use QL.
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    I actually have Quick launch assigned to my mail hardbutton.
    I felt it was the least functional button for me.
    Then I have chattermail as my fiirst favorite on the list.
    So after i hit quick launch i can go straight to my email.
    It is just one extra button push.
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    I have it set to the right side shift button. Works great - especially since I use keykaps.

    BTW - do you guys notice that the favorites dissapear randomly? I have 12 apps in teh quicklaunc - all in favorites (not 'common' or 'recent'). Every once in a while they one will dissapear and I have to go back an add it. Not a huge prolem - but a little annoying...

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