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    Has anyone figured out how to stop the SMS database from becoming corrupted? I've already had to delete it and now its screwing up again. I don't want to have to repeatedly lose all the SMS messages on my phone.
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    I find it a very random occurence. Happened to me twice within a week after I'd being using T650 for about 3 weeks, and hasn't happened in the 6 weeks since. Go figure.
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    I'm having this issue as well... It first happened a few days ago... i used FILEZ to delete it... it happened again today...

    fixable.... but I hate losing the inbox "conversations"

    weird part is... that I didn't lose the sent messages.. only the inbox.
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    Same exact problem here...lost Inbox but not Sent items. Thinking of upgrading to 1.23 firmware. Wonder if this will help. Currently using 1.04.
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    It happened twice to me. An SMS received while using TomTom Navigator corrupts the database. I miss that SMS and the whole received folder.


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