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    I just installed PTunes on my 650 and then copied 4 CD's of music via WMPlayer. It seems the only way to select the music you want to hear is to either create a playlist or select individual songs - but I want to listen by album and cannot imagine having to recreate each via a playlist. Am I missing something?
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    If you want to listen by album, why not organize your music in folders on the SD card (a folder for each album). That way, when you go to create playlists, you can quickly just "select all" in each folder and create one playlist per album. Should take approx. 10 -15 seconds.
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    But why should I have to organize them? On both of my mp3 players all songs can automatically be organized by album or artist. Since they have tags this should be a piece of cake. I was hoping that I had missed something, but it looks like this feature is missing from PTunes.
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    On my Pocketunes, if I choose "Open" from the "Actions" menu, this brings up the "choose songs" screen. I then highlight the upper right corner, which says either "Palm", "Internet Radio", "SD Card", or "All". I choose "All", and a list shows up on the screen that says "All Content", "Artist", "Album", "Genre", and "Playlists". If I choose "Album", then a list of albums comes up. Choose your album,and all the songs on that album show up on the screen. I can then select all and enjoy.

    Does your Ptunes do this?

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    There's a Select All button you use to play all songs in an album, but you need to rip with all of the tags.

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    Cluemeister, that was just what I was looking for! Strange there is no mention of this in the help file and that it is a bit buried, but now i am a happy camper. Thanks!

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