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    SchemaSoft has developed open standards-based software that lets you extract the content found in common file formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Quark and others. You can then repurpose the content in standardized structures that is most appropriate for the particular need (HTML, XML or SVG; or vendor-specific formats such as PDF or Microsoft Office).

    Why is this important:
    it works on all versions of Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS and Symbian OSes.

    Is Apple entering the smart phone OS market?
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    Here's an interesting tidbit:

    I just got verification that SchemaSoft, (which is now basically Apple Computer) cancelled Microsoft's contract to provide document translation for mobile technologies and all of Schemasoft’s other clients were turned over to Atima Software. SchemaSoft (err... I mean Apple Computer) is now working exclusively on Apple software... WITH all new hardware provided by Apple of course.

    Hmmm... I wonder why they cancelled Microsoft's mobile applications contract. Conflict of interest?
    Still, that was kind of a dirty trick.

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