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    I can't seem to find a way to adjust the screen brightness. Isn't it supposed to be in the Prefs?

    What other ways are there to boost battery life through managing the light?
    Do I have to load on another app from somewhere?

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    Alt key + P adjusts your screen brightness. However, it will NOT adjust your keyboard broghtness, fyi.
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    unless you have an unlocked gsm
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    aha! thanks!
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    Night mode and slider dimming is good, but is there a way to turn the screen off while leaving the machine on?

    I'm asking because I'm currently using Dioplayer for mp3 files and despite it having an auto-off for the screen as well as a pull-down action to turn off screen, it stays on as long as the player is active. I would like to start a playlist and not burn my battery down with lighting the screen.

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