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    Hi Everyone,

    I released TreoGuard 1.8.10 over the weekend. Here's what's new since 1.7.04:

    New in 1.8.10

    - Fixed issue with resets when browsing for rintone file using the built-in audio file browser.
    - Modified ringtone code so that, if the selected ringtone is unavailable, the default system ringer will still ring.
    - Modified ringtone code so that current playlist is not replaced by the selected ringtone when a call is received. This applies to Pocket Tunes only, and only if Pocket Tunes is currently playing the playlist.

    New in 1.8.09b

    - Fixed issue with radio schedule not surviving a reset if the 'Turn radio on after reset' feature is not selected.

    New in 1.8.08b

    - Fixed issue with 'Only off in Phone application' feature not working after a soft reset.

    New in 1.8.07b

    - Fixed issue with calls that are answered using the green phone button on the Treo 650. Previously, TreoGuard did not recognize that the calls had been answered.
    - Added feature to remember the last volume setting in Pocket Tunes or AeroPlayer. This prevents the TreoGuard ringtone feature from leaving the volume at an unexpectedly high level.
    - Fixed issue with red phone button not toggling the screen on some Treo 650s.

    New in 1.8.06b

    - Added buttons to turn radio on/off on the Radio screen.

    New in 1.8.05b

    - Modified to retain system volume setting even if TreoGuard is used to play MP3 ringtone. This also allows the voicemail alerts to be heard.
    - Added feature to allow system ringer volume to be used for MP3 ringtones volume. This allows profile applications that adjust the system ringer volume level to also adjust the MP3 ringtone volume level.

    New in 1.8.04b

    - Fixed potential reset loop issue when the 'Disable alarms during calls' feature was enabled and a reset occured during a call.

    New in 1.8.03b

    - Modified AeroPlayer ringtone feature to work more reliably on the Treo 600.
    - Added warning for ringtone repeat and volume increment features when AeroPlayer is selected on a Treo 600.
    - Removed coloring of ON/OFF text in the scheduled on/off time list. Some color schemes made the text hard to read.

    New in 1.8.02b

    - Increased trial period to 10 days and modified the nag screen to only appear after calls in the last 3 days of trial.
    - Changed ON/OFF text to bold in the scheduled on/off time list so that they are easier to read.

    New in 1.8.01b

    - Fixed issue with key actions feature. Multiple presses of an action button could cause unpredictable results.
    - Fixed issue with blank spaces in the scheduled on/off time list.

    New in 1.8b

    - Added support for AeroPlayer as a ringtone player.
    - Enhanced radio scheduling to be more flexible. Multiple on/off times can now be scheduled for each day.

    You can download the latest version right to your Treo by selecting 'Updates & Support' from the TreoGuard 'Options' menu, or by visiting my mobile site in Blazer.


    Geoff or - Software for your Treo 600/650.
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    Thanks for the update, Geoff. I'll install this new version today.
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    great! thanks.
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    Thanks for the update, and letting us knw about it.

    Please let us know if you have any luck disabling the 5-way's center button on Sprint 650's.
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    Add keyboard light scheduling functionality, and I'm all over this.

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