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    Is there some setting that I can make that will cause my Treo 650 to give me an audio feedback when a button is pressed, during dialing. All that I get is a very faint tone that can only be heard when the phone is to the ear. But then you can't dial.

    I'd like a louder tone, like what was on my 600 or the default button click.

    Where is this preference set, if it can be changed at all?
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    I think this happens when you have the switch on top of the phone set to silent
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    No that's not the problem. That will silence even the faint tone and prevent the phone from ringing but that isn't my problem. My phone has that switch set to the non silent position (i.e. to the left).

    I have virtually no feedback from touching a key during dialing. Only the very faint sound coming from the earpiece. Even at full volume (which shouldn't even be required), I can barely hear the dialing tone.

    I'd much prefer to have the default button click to this.
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    know exactly what you're talking about. My 600 gave a tone when you pressed the key or screen dial pad. I'd like to have this back as well. Anyone?

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