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    I used IR to send 2 files from my PC to my treo650. So where are they on the 650? I can't find a file browser app. (I'm new to palm devices). I don't want to open the files on the Treo, just transfer them later to another PC.

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can't find the right combo of search terms to find it.
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    You can get Filez for free: or do a google search for "filez"
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    Thank you. I installed fileZ. I can see all the files now, but the file I beamed isn't there. I beamed a file called p1.mdi. The treo said "received file p1.mdi in unknown format". But that file doesn't show up in the file list.
    I'm feeling really dumb, but where the heck is my file?
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    I think if you beam something that a Palm doesn't know how to use, it throws it out. If it is a known type, it gets handed off to whatever application knows how to handle it. Since the main part of a Palm's memory is not a simple filesystem, it can't just stick files anywhere.
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    Bummer. Well, does anyone have a suggestion for using my Treo as file storage to move files from one PC to another, when the files aren't a format recognized by Palm? I have an SD card in the Treo.

    I know I could just e-mail it or use a USB flash drive or whatever, but I'd like to do it with this Treo. How about if I zip it? Does Treo/Palm know what to do with a zip file?

    Thanks for the help.
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    You can try Softik's Card Export, which will make the SD Card show as a drive on your PC. Then you can just copy files to it while it's connected to the usb port.

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