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    I think I may order both, but want an unadulterated look at them first. So, pretty please with all the stuff on top if you have one to share.
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    Is that why no one has posted? They simply haven't received theirs yet?
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    I just received my personalized T66 (Black front/Gray back with nub) today and, so far, I love it! I am changing from the PalmOne Form-Fit case to the T66 and do not think that it adds (too) much bulk. In the TC review, the picture of the (IMO, hideous) Tan/Green combo T66 made it appear quite bulky. It is very well-made and the fit is very secure. The T66 is very protective of all but the top of the Treo which remains exposed. It will take some getting used to with regards to having open the flip to see the screen/type but that will come with time. And, getting rid of the awful, plastic cover over the screen & keyboard will be worth it!

    Oh, and something that I had been wondering about but am pleased to discover -- you CAN talk on the phone with the flip closed! Since the flip's 'hinge' covers the mic, I was concerned that there would be a problem doing this but it seems to work just fine.

    Sorry but I do not have a digital camera to take pics for you.
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    i have a T65 and waiting for my T66...when i get it, im stealing our digital camera from Montreal and gonna take comparison shots, also with the T6 in the picture

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