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    Hi... I'm quite new to the Treo - I just got my 650 yesterday and I'm trying to configure mail syncronization. I have somewhat complicated requirements and I'm not sure what will work best for me...

    I want to syncronize with two seperate MS Exchange accounts. Both are accessable through IMAP if necessary. Both accounts have custom folders besides the Inbox that need to be syncronized. Ideally I'd like to be able to wirelessly syncronize the calendar on both accounts to seperate calendars on the 650, but I can live with only being able to syncronize one Calendar. Also, ideally I'd like to syncronize at least one of the contacts wirelessly, but I can deal without that as well. Finally I'd really like a push based solution. Before I got the 650 I had a Blackberry for a few days and it's push email really spoiled me.

    Right now I am using versimail and I have one account configured to use ActiveSync and one account configured for IMAP. The ActiveSync account will wirelessly sync the calendar, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to syncronize folders other than the inbox. From what I've seen online I don't know that it's possible. The IMAP account can syncronize other folders, but I don't believe there's a way to do a calendar through IMAP. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to push email to the 650 with versimail.

    This is a Cingular device and I briefly played around with Cingular's Xpressmail but I couldn't get Xpressmail to see either of my exchange accounts. If you think Xpressmail will work, then maybe I'll play around with that a bit more.

    Finally, I don't mind purchasing a software package to do what I want if necessary, but obviously I'd rather rely on the software that came with the 650.

    Thanks much,
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    i would suggest that if you have access to imap already, go with chatter. you wont be let down. it does "push" email to your device with asynchronous operation... meaning there is no sync button because it all happens in the background.
    there actually is a way to synchronize everything with imap to your phone (especially if you use exchange), but a conversion scheme hasn't been developed by anyone yet... i'm pretty sure people are working on it but dont hold your breath.

    sorry in advance marc!
    if your requirements are to sync calendar and contacts over the air, then i suggest intellisync as well. it's pricey but it supposedly does everything ota into the built in palm databases (i'm still waiting for my rep to give me a trial version to prove this). if you want 2 calendars, you might look into cingular's xpressmail. it's based on SEVEN's client and it creates a seperate calendar and mail file on your treo. there is no way that im aware of to have 2 sets of contacts and calendar being interfaced by the same program.

    chatter is the best solution right now- in my opinion (and others)- for email with IMAP
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    Thanks for the reply... I just got the trial version of Chatter installed and configured and it's exactly what I was looking for... at least as far as email goes. For now I'm skipping syncing the contacts and I still have versamail doing the calendar... I have yet to look into intellisync.

    thanks again,
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    GoodLink. Will wirelessly sync everything, but is a MAPI solution and requires some IT work to set up the server.

    For IMAP, chatter is definitely the way to go.

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