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    Why they just don't include this with the purchase is beyond me. I bought two of them off ebay for $12 each (includes shipping) from rjackson (I think). Don't worry you'll find him, he has a gazillion listings. I had emailed Dans Cellular and he didn't carry it. Does not appear to be OEM, but it feels solid. My OEM charger and sync broke. This is more convenient anyway.

    I made this post b/c I searched for this solution last week and couldn't find it. I hope someone may stumble on this thread who is looking.

    Here's a pix...
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    So this cable will also recharge the battery?
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    I bought a Brando sync and charge retractable USB cable for the Tungsten T5 and it works great with my Treo 650. I believe they both have the same connector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowrtype
    So this cable will also recharge the battery?
    Yes and hotsync. It's cheap. I bought every expensive gadget their was for the 600 and sold 12 months later. I refuse to buy a cradle, etc when I know I'll sell for the next newest and greatest, probably this October.

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