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    My Blazer comes up completely blank and whenever I try to go Home or anywhere else, it just returns to the blank screen without an error at all. I do have the normal buttons at the top (back, home, bookmarks, etc.) but the world with spinning star icon that indicates sending/receiving info never appears.

    Sprint CS says it's a phone problem I need to take it in to the Sprint store for diagnostics. The Sprint store asked me to leave my phone with them for 2 hours so that they could get it to "Level 1 Support". They ended up reprovisioning the phone and said it should be working in a couple hours. 12 hours later its still blank so I'm still troubleshooting. Only thing that changed between when it worked and now is that CS gave me a new phone number on the phone (the old one was long distance from home) and I installed and used the desktop sync software and installed a few apps from it (Adobe, Docs to Go, Java, couple games).

    Any ideas on how to get Blazer working again?

    PS. I also have netClock installed and it imediately returns "Connection Error" whenever I try to query the network time. It used to work fine as well.

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    Finally got a good CSR to fix my problem. What haened is that when my phone number was changed the system generated a new Vision password for me but it never was received on the phone. Too bad Vision didn't report a login error, this would have been much easier to fix.

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    that's wierd, i'm getting that same thing on cingular, but i haven't changed anything.

    it only happens when i don't power cycle my treo and try to get online. it goes blank and i don't even get the spinning wheel.

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