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    I have three accounts I wish to use -- two Gmail accounts and the Sprint PCS. One GMail accounts works fine. The other one downloads mail, but gives me "555 5.5.4 Syntax error" whenever I try to send from it, although the outgoing settings are EXACTLY the same save for username & pw. And the Sprint yields "-ERR Authentication failed" when I try to fetch mail.

    I've seen mention of files to delete that might help my chances but I can't seem to track this down. I'd really rather not have to spend $25-60 (and more time configuring something else) but I suppose I might have no choice but to try Snappermail. But has anyone got any suggestions?
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    Search the palmone support website, they have step by step directions on which files to delete. Download file utility Filez for free directly to your phone at or first. I save a list of the files to delete from Versamail in my memos on treo so I can do it on the go if need be. Also, search the threads in rhis forum and you can find the file list. if I get a chance I'll post em here later.
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    Thanks -- a Sprint tech helped me set up that account (you have to call to set the pw). Am going to try just deleting the Google account and re-setting it up again.

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