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    i have been reading post about the firmware update, and im sorta confused. they have two if im correct, 1 for sprint and 1 for gsm(or whatever) i checked my phone info it says i am use v 1.03 the release version? i just got my treo here in the past month, month and a half. why am i so behind in firmware? (or am i). i have plenty memory left 14.4mb in ram. with the following installed in ram

    biz connect
    dir asst
    voice launcher(can only use if its very quiet )
    treo alarm
    e reader
    kasparov chessmate
    unistall manager

    i have never had to do a hard reset, nor have i had a lot of resets (lucky i guess. after installing certain apps i would get a reset so id take the app off no more resets.)

    should i upgrade my firmware when and if it comes out? i have seen 3 or 4 post here all with different info . i think i even read somebody say they did the update and got 64megs free or something
    can anyone help me. i have read the other threads on this topic and im still a little lost. HATE TO BE A PAIN BUT I NEED HELP.

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    software version in a cdma phone(sprint) is not the same as firmware in gsm

    most recent (only since release) for sprint is

    software version 1.03

    rumored update this week will take version to 1.08

    no rumored update for gsm yet although there are different versions being shipped.

    the 64MB comment was a joke.

    You should upgrade when it comes out

    look here for it's release...
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    thanks for the info dutch
    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

    Palm Pre (Sprint)

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