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    I've been using POP protocol for my personal e-mail for years.
    However, I recently started a small business and (unfortunately) have domain hosting and e-mail services from Webhost4Life.Com. Now that I have seen the light, when my hosting renewal is up, I would like to switch to a service provider that offers IMAP because I travel frequently and access my emails either on desktop, notebook and now Treo.

    Can you recommend an inexpensive and efficient IMAP service provider?

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    I use mail street to funnel all of my email. it is an exchange host provider but they also host on the same account a imap and pop email server and you can forward all your email to them them and setup rules to have it moved to a folder baised on who it was to.
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    A vote here for Fusemail...
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    Go with fastmail or fusemail - either one is very good
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    Thanks for all your suggestions!
    I will check out these providers...
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    The recommendations so far have been for IMAP email hosting. If you're looking for a complete web-site solution with IMAP email, I think offers such a package.
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    Is there such a thing as an IMAP service where I can upload email that I already have in Outlook (that was downloaded from a POP server)?
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    Never tried Fastmail.
    Do you have to forward to Fastmail?
    I like Fusemail because it retrieves my mail on its own. So if you have an account that you cannot forward (hotmail or msn), Fusemail will go and get it.
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    jg, good point: I will probably want the whole hosting package including ability to setup ftp. I checked out 1and1: they look impressive.
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    I have a couple of hosts with

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    For the folks using FuseMail. I'm very impressed by their offerings so far. Are there any disadvantages you would like to mention, so I'm a bit prepared upfront? I might want to take the plunge for their Group Service (1250 MB package), but need to know any stepbacks. Not matter how little, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks.
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