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    I've noticed that when I try to add more than 9 email accounts in Versamail, it doesn't let me. I only have four accounts active and deleted the old accounts, but the Treo still thinks they are active accounts.

    It mentions that the Versamail conduit must be on and not set to "Do Nothing." I read in the manual for Versamail that this conduit is available for the PC, but can't find any references to a conduit for the Mac.

    Anyone else run into this? Where can I get the Versamail conduit? It's not on the included CD.
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    no Versamail conduit for the mac. The simple way to keep your mail in sync between your mac and Treo is to have IMAP email accounts. I have about 5 different POP accounts and have everything forwarded to my .mac account which is IMAP.
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    Is there anyway to manually delete old email accounts from the Treo that no longer show up in the account setup page? With no Versamail conduit then you are limited to adding 9 email accounts total even if you delete old accounts because the Treo still thinks they are there.

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