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    Hi guys,

    I know, that there is an issue with silent alerts with VersaMail. I have another problem: when want to choose an alert (AutoSync tab), there is no full offer of Treo650 ringtones, only a selection of 8 (System, Alarm, Alert, Bird, Concerto, Phone, Sci-fi, Wake up).

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    I think I'm on to something and close to the solution..

    On I believe, I downloaded a ringtone database with an assortment of home made midis. The zipped' database changed the selection in my old version of Bob's Alarm AND versamail. The key is the title of file. Simply change the title and bingo.
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    Ok, simply adding the MIDI Ring Tones file attached will give you additional system sounds..thus additional Versamail sounds. However, keep a copy of your original default just in case. It's easy to get back anyhow if you erase it.
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    Thanks for the tips, however this seems to only change my general selcetion and not my versamail alerts selection. Does anyone know which file(s) are associated with only the 8 tones for versamail alert? It seems that we can alter this pdb file, and add different mid files to it, like previously suggested. Anyone have any success doing this? Thanks!


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