About 3 weeks ago my Palm Desktop addresses vanished.
My SON uses Treo, but I only use the Palm DESKTOP.
My son's Treo does NOT have my Palm Desktop data.
I have a backup programme called Second Copy.
Anyway, suddenly my Palm Desktop wouldn't allow me to open my account.
I searched through my different .aba files, as well as ALL my Palm files, only to find that my Palm data files were GONE.
I ended up taking my computer to a data file recovery specialist, but he can't find them either.

I heard that there's a virus that converts Palm data files to WORD files, but that doesn't help me.

The recovery specialists THINKS that the files have become CORRUPTED.
Is there a programme for repairing corrupted files?
Please write me if you have any ideas: net1030@netmedia.co.il