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    Oh I had it just right

    Syncing perfectly

    But then I installed Bug Me

    Now my sync says uploading to treo (44K) it counts 1 K every 20 seconds or so

    The sync is taking hours

    Now what?

    I sync my Mac OSX G5 with the 650 also with isync

    Used to take 1 minute
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    If it Ain't Broke....
    (You're one of the few who got the sync's to work that well~ I just went through 3 hours to switch from PalmDesktop to Outlook 2003. Thank God for TreoCentral, or I would've been clueless!
    It took renaming the Outlook PST files to clear the way for the Palm data, but once I did that, its worked like a charm. (fingers crossed hard).
    Good luck.
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