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    I've searched and obviously the possibilities are looking grim. Is there anyway to runCitrix on the 650?
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    citrix metaframe ??? as I know , citrix winframe become windows Terminal service , and win2k/winXP already support terminal_service .
    you can use Palm application called "mobil TS" connect it .

    I think Vnc or pcanywhere is like citrix metaFrame/winFrame .. if you only want run some application from treo650 by WiFi/BlueToolth/Hotsync_cable
    maybe you can use mobil_TS or Palm_VNC remote control windows PC
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    Currently there is no Citirx client (ICA) for the Palm OS. What you may want to check out is there is a JAVA client out and depending on the Citrix server setup you could use the RDP client. I havn't tried ether of these on the Palm OS, this is one thing that makes me wish the Treo was a PCC OS as there is a Citrix client avalable.

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    I actually work for a mjor citrix reseller and know that there will never be a client for Palm. M$ is one of the biggest investors in citrix and while there has been some inroads made with Citrix and Linux, I know to please Bill there will not be a Palm Client. There is a client for PPC.

    I know Citrix also claims there is some OS limittion with Palm and Citrix but I don't believe them...

    I use VNC on the palm and its ok. I prefer to use pssh though. ;-)

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