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    Hi guys! This is my second Treo 650 i had high hopes for this phone and even though this second one is much better then the first i got i still have probelms with phone reseting when i get a call wired part is sometimes it does reset sometimes it dosn't and lets me recive it.. No error just resets on me.. This is a really unreliable phone and so far is not worth the 550 dollers i paid for it. I downloaded a update from the zap game, that i heard mabye causes this probelm so i guess i will hope this fixes this because this is the only probelm i have with this phone. Link here

    First one had this issues: vergamail crashed everytime wrong voicemail, got the A sim and fixed that but still had probelms with mail server..

    Second one (this one) First isynced it to computer and Vergachat crashed removed it ad downloaded it off their website works fine now, and then voicemail again, fixed that by asking CIngular to do a OTA update on Voicemail number. Last is phone sometimes resets when revcive

    Any suggestings? Thx
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