I have been using plam since long long ago.

I have over 3 thousand memos and quite some of them contains the "TAB" characters for simple alignment.

Prior to Palm Desktop 4.0.1, no problem.

Ever since the newer version, 4.1.0, or even the latest 4.1.4, HotSync. can be completed but all the "TAB" would turned to " " (4 space characters).

This happened to my newer machine like T/C and the even newer gadget T650. As long as it is sync. with the Palm Desktop 4.1.0 or newer, all "TAB" will become " ".

I tried sync. my T/C with 4.0.1 and all is okey. (Well, I then lose the ability to sync. Voice Memo from T/C to Desktop, but that's something I can live with.)

Anyone else notice this problem? or is it just me?