Hey everyone,

I've been searching around for answers here and other spots, but I'm just so frustrated I thought I'd toss this up.

My 45 day old treo 650 just seems to have some fundamental bluetooth issues.
1. I have the lovely and well designed (and well supported by customer service) scala 500, and it just won't work with my treo. end of story. I've even gotten a second scala, and same problem. just doesn't connect.

2. on the plane the other day, I turned the bluetooth off, since it's FAA regs, and all. Then, I go to use the treo a bit later, and I get "bluetooth is off, do you want to turn it on?" "yes, or cancel" ... Click on cancel, the same message comes up, and comes up, and comes up. Ignore the message and push the home/apss button, and the thing hangs up; blank screen and nothing else to do but pull the battery.

3. I've got the think outside bluetooth keyboard (which some site told me would work well with the treo, even though it's obviously designed for a PC based PDA) and while it works ok, the bluetooth connection seems to simply 'dry up' every so often. The keyboard is still on, treo is on, and it just loses the connection.

Can you folks give me some indication of whether it's the treo itself, or some small software issue I could fix?