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    First, I did get a reduced cost phone. Cingular subsidized my phone by taking $150 off. So, I may have been lucky at getting my code. But here is how I did it.

    1) I sent an email to, knowing that I'd just get a canned response that for security reasons, I had to contact customer service at the number they put in the email.

    2) In that email, I explained that I have been a customer for nearly 15 years, throughout all their mergers and that there was little chance of me leaving. I also pointed out that I have two phones and use one of my phone for business and my phone bills run over $300 per month for the past 10 years. All true by the way. I pointed out that the "subsidy" was really unnecessary in my case. I included my IMEI number and phone number.

    3) I got the return email rejecting my claim, as I expected, telling me I had to contact customer service.

    4) Then, I went back to the Cingular store where I purchased the phone, a few days before. As an initial diversion, I inquired why I was required to sign a 2 year contract and purchase new equipment. They explained that AT&T and Cingular were technically different companies and the AT&T phone wouldn't work with Cingular. When they couldn't satisfy me (I knew they wouldn't), I asked to speak to the store manager.

    5) I then asked him the same question and expressed that I thought this was a ripoff that I had to purchase new equipment. I then told him that I needed my phone to be unlocked because of the amount of travel I do in Europe and need the phone unlocked (also true). I eventually agreed with their position that the new phone equipment was required and then showed him the letter.

    6) I said I didn't have time to bounce between the emails and customer service and asked him to deal with it. I told him I have 20 days remaining on my 30 day satisfaction guarantee and if I didn't get my subsidy unlock code within that time, I was returning all my equipment and going to finally switch companies.

    7) Within 24 hours he sent me an email to my phone with the 8 digit unlock code and instructions on how to unlock the phone.

    PS: About those ripping off people on ebay with unlock codes. Since I have my code now, I sent my IMEI code to one of them and asked them to send me just 3 of the 8 digits, in the right place, as proof they could deliver a code. They refused and said they "didn't have time to play number games. " Clearly, that person can't deliver the proper code.

    You can bet those selling codes are selling bogus, worthless codes, in most cases. One guy is selling SIM unlock codes and swears they will unlock the phone for use on other carriers.

    What they are counting on is the fact that people don't kinow the difference and from what I have heard, any number placed in that unlock sequence will report "phone successfully unlocked" but only the real code actually unlocks the phone. Unsuspecting people will find out months later that the key was bogus.
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    sounds like persistence was the key.....
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    If you have signed a 2 year contract, why does Cingular have to play this game?
    IMHO, just threaten to leave and return the phone if you are still under 30 days and they should buckle in. In addition, their "Product Management Group" seems pretty savvy and that might be the correct department to request the unlock code from.
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    Worse than that, if AT&T have merged with Cingular, why can't AT&T unlock their phones to be used on Cingular? Because they want to force you to buy a new phone.

    I also agree that if you sign a 2 year contract, the subsidy isn't necessary and this is good cause to demand an unlock code. Be persistent. I was lucky that mine only took 24 hours. But I'm forceful and persistent. The secret is to be persistent without getting angry or mad. Let a manager work the problem for you.
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    I had my Treo-650 for only 8 days, called Cingular told them I am traveling to Europe to do charity work. Had my UNLOCK SUBSIDY code in 5 mins. TOOOOOOOOO EASY!!!! Life should be that way
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    Why do you need the unlock code for travel to Europe? I thought the GSM ATTWS/Cingular phones worked internationally? I travel to Europe and Latin America quite a bit and need to know if I also need to get my phone unlocked. I am taking my Treo 650 on its first international trip in April so this info would be helpful
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    an unlocked phone allows you to put in a LOCAL sim while in europe so you can make cheap local calls and not roam
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    Why do you need the unlock code for travel to Europe? I thought the GSM ATTWS/Cingular phones worked internationally?
    Like the previous poster said, local SIMS have much lower rates. 20 cents vs 1.50

    Also, in some countries, all incoming calls are absolutely FREE, if you are using local SIMs.
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    How do you get to a screen that asks for your unlock code? Would you need a SIM card from another carrier? I have a Motorola V600 I am trying to unlock. Supposedly, I have a code that will unlock it
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    I was told the same thing from Cingular about getting a unlock code. Fortunately my employer took it back and just brought me an unlocked phone.
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    Aside from traveling out of the country, is there any other advantage to an "unlocked" phone. I assume there must be or people wouldn't go to all this trouble. Sorry if this is a newbie question.

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    Maybe a stupid question but what exactly does this do for you? Does an unlocked phone work properly on another network?
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    As long as it is a GSM and not a CDMA network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ipscone
    Like the previous poster said, local SIMS have much lower rates. 20 cents vs 1.50

    Also, in some countries, all incoming calls are absolutely FREE, if you are using local SIMs.
    Some countries ? I think only the US charges for incoming calls !! (You are, however, charged for incoming if you are roaming with any SIM)
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    To be honest, given the two options, 1) the person calling a cell phone pays, or 2) the person receiving on the cell pays, I prefer the latter. It's very frustrating to me when I am overseas and calling someone on their cell phone to have to pay for their airtime. This is way off topic though. Sorry.

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