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    Hey, Question... someone who knows this stuff inside & out can you help? Please... I have searched all over for a solution for my Treo and Weak Signal to my Home Office (here and other discussion threads)... Two options exist... Repeaters or Antenna.

    What I found was that Repeaters tend to rely on currently GOOD signal outside, which means if you are outdoors and still have poor reception, a repeater will NOT help any... Repeaters cost starting around $350 ( and on up (found one for $1100 from WOW, and that is a SOHO unit !!!)

    In the opposite corner, the solution for one phone only... the antenna option, which I have found to be less than $100 for a good antenna / cable and adapter. ( Note you can not move around your house with the phone, unless you have a really long cord, but that defeats the purpose of a Mobile Phone

    Now... the big question... I sorta realize you get what you pay for... so the Repeater with needs a strong signal , but the Spotwave claims it can take a weak signal and turn it into 4 bars.

    On the other hand, a Whip Antenna (like the ones you see on Trucks on the highway) are suppose to increase the number dBs to your phone, which is a stronger signal. BUT does anyone have this working? I have not see an adapter for the Treo650... just the generic velcro pad version or the loop for the Treo antenna.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but wanted to help others get the Right option... Sprint PCS, Austin Texas... Loving my Treo650 !!!
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    I will be relaly interested to hear the answer to this!
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    The biggest bang for your buck is an external antenna. They're cheap and very effective. If that isn't enough, you can get a wired amplifier to connect between your antenna and phone. The adapters aren't quite out yet, so you can't go this route until they are. The most likely to release the antenna adapter first is Wilson Electronics ( ). They have one on their site but is still "coming soon". When I talked to them last, they expected it to be ready by now. Repeaters will work well ONLY if you have an external antenna connected to the repeater which is OUTSIDE of the building. You MUST have the antenna outside if you want to improve reception signifigantly. A simple omni-directional antenna will work well in most cases, but if you are really out in the "boonies" you may need a yagi antenna which is pointed at the cell tower you are trying to access. You also have to be careful of what type of repeater you buy. Some only work on 800 MHz which will not work for Sprint. You need a dual band 800/1900 repeater for Sprint. Most of Verizon's cells are on 800 MHz. I'm not sure about Cingular and other GSM carriers, but I think they're probably on 1900 MHz. Again, I'd start out with an antenna when the adapters become available. This might solve your problem for far less than 50 bucks. The only downside is the antenna cable. Dunno if this helps, but it's my 2 cents worth.
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    Thanks sndtubes....

    Yeah, I got the ideal for the 800 Mhz vs 1900 Mhz... and that different repeaters have different Mhz support..

    Also I found some Boosters, but again, it is the same concept as a External Antenna... the Booster only boosts the nubmer of dB to the phone, which is similar to signal strength, but not always considered Reception... weird always amazed by the world of the electormagnic

    Yeah... WilsonElectronics ... hope they come out with the 650 adapter soon... ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ONE YET ????
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    I use that JD Teck repeater which comes with a small outdoor antenna and it works quite well for the price. I'm using the 1900MHz version which uses a panel style antenna for GSM service on T-Mobile which is terrible indoors here, but fair to OK outdoors. My T-Mo phones generally get about 50% signal strength outdoors (some only 40%) and one bar indoors. So you don't need great outdoor service but it must be passable. The repeater has a relatively small range of service (that's why it's small and cheap), and will noticably improve reception within that range. I have it in the upstairs study with the antenna mounted on the 2nd floor (outdoors wall). The repeater gets the phone up to 80% signal strength in that room (better than outdoors!), and actually improves reception in the room directly downstairs markedly. It will not extend to the back of the house, so if you need more than 400 sq. ft coverage on a given floor it won't be adequate. It will improve the floor directly below though. One thing to note: antenna direction and orientation make all the difference- you must move the antenna around and experiment to find the sweet spot or you'll see no improvements at all. So find a good location and use the included swivel mount to fine tune it.
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    Hey everyone, I went with the Antenna option, read the post here for the thread ...

    have a great day
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