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    In a nutshell... Ive been using HotSync with my MAC at work. No problems, everything is working well with the PALM Desktop. I have just gotten a new iBook at home and now want to sync my data to it as well. Only I do not want to use the PALM desktop software. I want to sync with my iCal and Apple address book. (I'm also a pretty cheap SOB, so if this can be done without purchasing MissingSync I'd be very happy.) Any Suggestion.....

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    I've installed the iSync Palm condiut and all the necessary Palm software to my new computer. I then created a user. (Same name as I use on my work computer.) I then used HoSync to prepare Apple's iSync. After all that was done, I still couldn't sync at home. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    what's the error you're getting?- all you've said is that you've set up iSync and it doesn't work. not much to go on.

    the best way to sync two machines is to only sync one with your PDA and buy a subscription to Apple's .Mac service. You can sync with their online server that way. The process would be syncing with your PDA, .Mac and one computer, and then syncing your other one with .Mac. Syncing two computers can be a pain as far as the subtleties of data consistency goes. I don't recommend it. Maybe someone else has a contrasting opinion...

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