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    I just got the SkinIt for my Treo, but I'm not sure whether I love it... I also got the leopard print, I'll be getting that tomorrow. What do you all think?
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    Where did you get that, I like it. Maybey there is something I could use to cover up my cheap looking chrome.
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    How does the skinit feel? I hear it is not grippy like egrips. Does it do ANYTHING to help protect/hold it or is it purely cosmetic?
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    Purely cosmetic. It doesn't do anything for protection.
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    It looks like it would protect from light scratches and it would be nice to cover up the chrome. I take napkin everyday to clean all the shiny spots they magnify every little smudge and piece of dust, it looks filthy everday.
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    was it hard to put on?

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    Nice skin LuLu! I had my 600 wrapped at the mall in Cheetah pattern.
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    Ohhhh! Cheetah! Post a pic! I still didn't get my leopard skin yet....
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    ya we wanna see that

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