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    I just received a replacement unlocked GSM Treo 650 from PalmOne, this one a refurbished unit. I am on my third. Anyway, when I turned it on, I immediately noticed that the screen did not look as vivid. It looks like there is not enough contrast. Is there a way to adjust the contrast on the Treo 650? I can only figure out how to adjust brightness, but I seem to recall a way to adjust contrast, maybe with a third pary app, but I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks.

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    Anybody know?

    I just got a replacement 650 and side by side, the "new" 650's lcd looks like that it has less contrast, i.e., the colors have more of a bleached out look and the white looks less white (slight tinge of yellow), than the older 650.

    Frankly, the new 650's lcd looks like an old laptop screen and the colors look less vivid.

    And it's not a brightness issue.
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    Looks like two people had the same issues.

    Perhaps you can't adjust the contrast...damn to get a new 650 and to end up with an inferior screen...

    in my avatar, the left one is the old one and the one on the right is the new one with the less vivid colors.
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    I had the same experience.

    Sent my treo in for repair this Tuesday, received the replacement Treo on Thursday. I have to praise them for quick touraround.

    However, when I turned on the Treo, what a disappointment, the LCD screen on the replacement seriously lacks contract and is noticably dimmer than my previous LCD screen, which was vivid and bright.

    I don't know what to do now. I doubt if they will send another replacement for this reason alone and I certainly don't want to be without my Treo for another two days.
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    In the phone app press the menu button then select phone info and see if you have hardware A or B. Some people have reported that B version hardware has a more yellowish and duller screen. Mine is the A version a very bright. I usually set the brightness slider to about 20% and it is fine even in bright sunlight. I only make it brighter if I am looking at very dark pictures or video and want to see more detail.

    Wonder what this bodes for the 700P or Hollywood or whatever the next Palm Treo is.

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