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    I don't recall any sprint treo 650 users saying that they have this problem, but I could be wrong. It seems like a GSM problem (I've encountered it on both Cingular and unlocked GSM phones).
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    Then I would think that a sofware problem would be more likely explanation. What do you think?
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    At least you guys get a chance to replace the damn thing. I am in Malaysia and I talked to the PalmOne Tech Support guy who is in Phillipines. He does not agree on a replacement as he said, even he sent me a new unit, the problem will still exist. He admit that I am not the only one who complaint and said nothing can be done. He also keep on insisting that Treo 650 is not the loudest in the market when come to volume from the earpiece.
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    I believe it has to be a software issue because, with ptunes or real player, ring tones, alarms, etc the volume is fine, even loud. I set ringer to loud ring and crank the volume up and it can be heard on the next block. Can't hear the darn caller, but everything else blasts me. If it were hardware it would seem all volumes would be too low.
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    Here's an interesting discovery. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands and use the Treo 650 GSM version (obviously). Anyway, earphone is loud and clear. However, I spent two weeks in the US using a T-mobile to go (prepaid) card and guess what? I could barely hear the other person. Some connections would be OK, but most of the time I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear the other party. I was getting worried there was something wrong with my phone. ---- returned home to Amsterdam yesterday, and - miracle of miracles - the volume is again loud and clear! How about them cookies?
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    But I am talking about the earpiece speaker, not the speaker at the back. The speaker at the back is excellent, even I have to lower it to 3 or 4 bar. It is the voice of other party I am having problem with.
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    My opinion is that this is a firmware or software problem, not hardware. I have used the phone earpiece, the speakerphone and my BlueTooth headset (SE HBH-65) and had low volume on all of them, to the point that I could not hear the other person talking if I was driving. I tried the Real Player workaround and it significantly improved the volume of all three sources of the sound, so one would have to conclude that a patch could address the issue.

    I have also noticed the same issue nispen mentioned, some calls have an okay volume and some are too low to hear. The Real Player workaround will tide me over until a formal fix is released.
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    my new one is a 1.06 version. I think the original was lower version. But both my earpiece and speaker volumes are still too low.
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    Called tech support about the same problem.. She says that my only solution is to send my Treo in for a "repair".

    This is a joke. This device is USELESS in its current state. I'm SO displeased with this thing. It's a shame really, because it has SUCH potential.

    And for them to CHARGE ME $25 for the "advanced replacement"? Are you kidding me?

    And the worst part is that I already know that sending it in for "repair" isn't going to make a lick of difference.

    We really got burned on this one.

    Thanks PalmOne
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    So I have my second replacement gsm right now.

    The original phone I had had the volume issues, where you could barely hear the other person no matter how loud you turned the volume up. They also complained of the echo. Believe it or not, I could have actually lived with that, if it had been the only problem. I had so many other issues it's not even funny. You can do a search on here for one of my posts (I haven't posted much) where I explained some of the problems I's ridiculous.

    The first replacement one was totally unusable. I'd get a reset like 10 times a day, always the HALRadioAcDc.c host wake not asserted in time thing. So I sent it straight back.

    Now I have the second replacement. The volume actually works, but they still complain of echos a lot. Also, the conversation gets mumbly all the sudden and then fades out, and then finally fades back in--and it's nothing to do with reception...I have full bars and I'm sitting still when it happens, not moving a bit. Anyway, the POS keeps resetting all the time and locking up.

    The funny thing with all the treos I've had.... Sometimes I would go a whole day and the phone would work fine, in terms of no resets. But it was like the phone knew when someone asked "oh is that the new treo phone..." and I would go take it out to show them. The stupid thing would always lock up or not respond, even after working fine the whole day! Quite embarassing to say yeah, this is my new 700 dollar *pulls phone out and presses button* ...*freeze*....piece of crap.

    Anyway, I can tell you all I've had enough. I think I've put up with far more with these 650's than most people. I've gone through like 9 treos total....I had some hacked Sprint branded ones to try with Verizon, Sprint branded for Sprint, Cingular branded with Cingular, and now my unlocked gsm (also with Cingular). It's totally pathetic what POS's these treo's are.

    I have given up. I'm sending this POS back and I'm going back to my treo 600 with Verizon. Words cannot describe how much these 650's tick me off. I mean it's utterly friggin outrageous (and some other stuff) how terrible some of these devices are. Yes, I know some of you couldn't be happier with your 650...congratulations. I just had to vent for a second.

    Anyway, I LOVE the device itself...high res screen, etc. But the performance is totally unacceptable.

    Good luck to you all in getting updates and whatnot so that your phone is actually usable.
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    It's really too bad. I wanted it to work.

    Like you, I'll wait for the next breed.
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    Well it sounds like a lot of us are having the volume trouble. I just got my cingular 650 and the only complaits I have is that the ringer volume is way to loud, sounds like the speaker is going to blow up when it rings I currently have it set on level 3. The other this is speaker phone is not loud at all can't hardley hear it. I noticed when I call someone the volume is just fine, but when someone calls me I can hardly hear them, I have to press the phone up against my ear very hard.

    I think we should start up a site to document all these complaints about volume on the 650. Maybe just maybe they would get around to fixing it faster.

    I thought about getting a replacement, but that doesn't seem to work. Anyway if anyone wants to help me set up a site let me know.
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    I totally agree, these 650s have the worst build quality of any expensive device I've encountered. Although, my 650 has mostly been problem-free but when I did have reset issues, I called p1 and they said they'd overnight me a replacement...that was about 2 months ago and I still haven't received it. I haven't followed up b/c my reset issues went away (don't really know what caused it).

    Given the horrible customer service and build quality, it's no wonder so many people think the company's going to fail in the long run. If the next Treo has as many problems as the 650 and is a POS, their days are limited as customers will only tolerate so much. Anyways, just my .02 cents.
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    When you guys say the call volumes are low. Are you talking from being a previous user of a treo 600? or just in general?

    Ive have an unlocked gsm treo 600. One thing I always noticed about the T600 was the call volume was loud. SO load in fact, I can actually check my voice mail WITHOUT switching to speakerphone cause I could actually hear the other end with out putting it up to my ear. In fact, often times when ever making a call I would always turn down the volume cause the persons voice on the other end would be ringing so loud in my ear and also I dont want the entire room listening on my conversations.

    When I upgraded recently to my unlocked gsm Treo 650. I never really noticed any problems making calls... I could hear everything fine.. but until I read this thread. I did a test and placed both of my phones together.

    Yes indeed, the older T600 is seems twice as loud then the newer T650.. but with that said I never used the T600 on full blast... and to me the T650 is definitely usable on full max volume...

    But with that said, it also makes me wonder why? The 650 volumes should have been the same as the 600.. even though I didnt go all the way up on the 600 it would still be nice to know you can raise the volume to louder than normal levels.

    Does anyone else also have both phones? and tested the volume? It would be interesting to see if someone actually has a phone whose 650's volume matches the 600's volume, to see if this is an overall thing or a random thing.
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    That's an interesting point.

    However, the difference is still very apparant. I've let other people use my phone (who have never used the Treo 600) and they can't BELIEVE that a company could even sell such a product.

    It's REALLY low. Like - stick your finger in the other ear and press your ear so hard against the earpiece it hurts, low. The phone is usable ONLY in a quiet INDOOR location with NO other sounds in the room. I can't even have a fan on in the room.

    Using in the car - not an option. On the city street - no way. In a department store, absolutely not.

    I wish it was just me being spoiled from the 600 - but from what others have said while using my device, nobody can hear anything on it.
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    I was wondering If anyone noticed that when you place a call to someone the volume is fine, but when you recieve a call that is when it is low? That is what I am experiencing besides the speakerphone being low also. If this is the case then it must be a software issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jburrage
    I was wondering If anyone noticed that when you place a call to someone the volume is fine, but when you recieve a call that is when it is low? That is what I am experiencing besides the speakerphone being low also. If this is the case then it must be a software issue.
    I think I am seeing this. I will pay attention.
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    I have noticed that it varies. Sometime I can hear fine and other times it is very low. I have noticed that if I call #121 (voiceinfo) it is ok. If I call a real phone number, sometimes it is ok and others it is too low. I also notice it makes a difference whether I call a landline or another mobile. This makes me think the problem is software. Also the post a few back, that stated his 650 was too low here in the states and back in europe was fine seems to indicate network issues.

    For me I am willing to wait (hopefully not too long) as I love my 650 and the potential it has. On the other hand I have crossed over to the "dark side". I got the chance to get a cheapie PocketPC phone to play with. It has made me see that while the treo is still better, the PPC folks are catching up and will eventually overcome P1 if they don't pick up the pace. I hope not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandasonic

    Does anyone else also have both phones? and tested the volume? It would be interesting to see if someone actually has a phone whose 650's volume matches the 600's volume, to see if this is an overall thing or a random thing.
    Yes, my wife is using my hand-me-down 600. Her volume is fine. Mine was so bad I got a replacement (tinny and full of rattle sounds), the replacement is better, but volume still low. Real Player workaround helps, I am convinced its software and hope new ROM image helps.
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    I thought i heard/read some where PalmOne is making a patch for the low volume problem.. Does anyone know if this is officially true?
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