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    I got a new 650...all is fine after a few glitches....what do I need to do to clean up my 600 before I sell it? Put it back to it's basics?

    I was told to take the SIM card out and sell without it-that right? It's the GSM model-ATT.

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    definitely a hard reset...
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    hard reset
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    definitely a hard reset... do I do that?

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    From the web site:

    Hold down the power (on/off) button on your device.
    Note: Treo 600 smartphones have two power buttons. Hold down the one on the top of the unit next to the antenna.

    While holding down the power button, turn over your device so that you can see the back of it. Still holding the power button, use an unfolded paper clip or a similar small object, to gently press the RESET hole on the back (Where's the reset hole?).

    When the device's screen displays the Palm Computing Platform or Palm Powered logo, release the power button. A message will appear warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your handheld.

    There ya go!

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