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    I was getting 120 early last week... now I'm at 30... no bueno.
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    I see the opposite trend here in Indy with a Nokia 6620. I averaged about 50kbps with the 200k dslreports test last week. Now, I'm seeing closer to 100kbps. I hope it's a good sign.

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    Also, just so it's posted, the URL for checking your speed has changed slightly. If you go to the old one, you have to work your way to the link below (at least I have to):
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhzimmer
    I'm showing downloads at 40kbps here in Atlanta...
    Last week while I was in Houston it was doing over 100. I used to get that speed in Atlanta as well until the recent slowdown. Something different is definitely going on now...
    Finally, something good about Houston...
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    I've been lurking for a long time, decided to finally post something...

    I'm a T-Mobile customer using a Treo 650. I've been in North Carolina the past several weeks using Cingular's network. Up until week ago, I was getting 80-100kbps. Now I'm lucky to hit 30kbps.

    It was great at first, and I almost began to think about switching to Cingular. But now it takes forever to load. DSLReports just delivered a score of 22kbps. Think I'll go make some coffee while this message posts...
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    I just got 22kbps, too.

    I willing to believe that network is just temporarily hosed. Call me an optimist.
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    I am in SoCal and I was getting 170-325k with Xiino and 95-120k with Blazer 4 days ago. Now I am 20-35k with Xiino and 9-12k with Blazer. Called Cingular, and they admitted to having problems with the GPRS network in LA and Orange Counties. Maybe All of California? They probably want us to call in so they can yank our MediaWorx plans?
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    100K Test Results:

    08:00 Ashburn VA
    1.79s latency
    45.777s d/l time

    13:30 Reston VA
    1.714s latency
    12.139s d/l time
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    Just tested this for the first time with my sprint Treo600, just for kicks. With two bars reception, within my office, I am getting 53Kbps, so I guess from what I am reading, that compares favorably with the GSM/GPRS/Edge results folks from cingular are getting. I will try again when I am in a location with 4-5 bars reception.
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    I wonder if heavier load factor on each tower decreases individual bandwidth. That is, the more EDGE users gained in an area, the slower for all.
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    FYI; I was getting consistent 120Kbit/sec; now finally, it connects but at 26Kbit/Sec

    Cingular = corporate monster = LAME
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    Los Angeles is not getting more than 45 on Cingular blue according to DSLReports. Maybe someone should let them know we are all watching them somehow?
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    Cingular is definately doing something to the GPRS/EDGE network in my area as it was down for 2 hours from midnight to 2am a couple nights ago. I was using it and all the sudden no data getting through so I disconnected and was going to try to reconnect when I noticed the little triangle wasn't there. I kept an eye on it until it came back and that was around 2am.

    Just something I observed...
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    I have dropped from 100kbits+/sec to under 40kbits/s in the last few days. the mspeed test seems to bomb out on me with garbage or an error msg. What the F@#k!?! Maybe the DSL Reports site that is being pounded but that does not explain the streaming audio casts that are being buffered now and not before.

    Does anyone have another PDA test site to try. I will also try some network tests from my 650. Has anyone been able to use the network tools on the phone like ntrace? I guess I should RTFM :-)

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    Just for reference sake, after speaking with Cingular, they informed me that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. But of course had no information on what the problem is!!!

    Hope they fix it soon because 25kbits/sec isn't what I pay $40/month for!!!

    Good luck!!!
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    I just checked , I am still at 105k media works, have noticed no problems at the beach in The OC. I use daily.
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    ~100kbps in Indianapolis with Nokia 6620.

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    speeds for me here in houston have become pathetically slow most everywhere in town for me for the last 5 days, i actually quite carrying the Treo w/ me for the last two days, highest speed i have seen in a week is somewhere around 30kb/s, and much lower... this is in the areas of Houston known as Memorial, Galleria, Rice Village, and Heights.

    btw, i am on the $39.95 unlimited data plan. i think Cingular has oversold their network capacity as the 650's have become more widely available in retail channels, a la AOL... if anything, i think we're suffering from more congestion than anything else unfortunately..
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    Things are good here in Indianapolis, I am getting 110 on a Treo 650. 19.99 unlimited plan...
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