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    I have been reading this board for almost a year. I have put off buying my 650 because of the initial problems with the 650. I can not wait anymore. I have a 1 GB SD card that has been waiting for my 650 since it first came out so I am ready to deal with the Ram issues...Can you give me some feedback of Sprint vs Cingular? Sprint vision is cheap and Cingular uses Edge? Thoughts...
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    Find out who has the best coverage in your area. That is key, unless you're constantly on the road.

    I can't make a Sprint call in my bedroom but Cingular has 4 bars.
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    I have sprint. 1400 min w/data is $123/month. OUCH!! so much tax and additional charges are applied it makes me wonder that someone is making a bundle of money for doing nothing! Venting a bit. The service is very good in my area. This is worth mentioning because T-mo and nextell have no coverage from my house.
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    You haven't mentioned whether having a global phone is an issue for you. With Cingular you have quad band GSM and international ability.
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    If you go into the retail stores, they can show you a coverage map which is _much_ more detailed than the ones they provide on-line or in their brochures. Down to the street level. I have done this with several Sprint, Cingular and T-Mobile retailers and they were all happy to show me.

    You can use the info they provide as a starting point, but there is still no substitute for taking a phone to where you need it and making a few calls. Take advantage of the 14-day (or 30, in some cases) return policy. Do it with a few carriers simultaneously, even better.

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